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Leading Federal agencies and government entities rely on Planar display solutions, built in the United States and the European Union, to foster collaboration, monitor their operations, identify problems and drive to quick resolution. Navigating through big data, multiple IP or analog video streams and computer sources around the globe requires the latest high-resolution displays, video wall and image processing solutions, whether the application is a conference room, situation room, a decision theater, or an office.

Making Better Decisions, Faster
Visualizing big data, engaging with multiple video sources, and PC applications is putting more demand on display technology across agencies and affiliates. Planar’s offering brings that data to life so that real-time decisions can be made in mission-critical environments. From the desktop workstation to the decision theater, Planar’s wide range of solutions help our customers make tough decisions at the Federal, state, or local levels.

Big Video Walls for Big Data
Seamless direct-view LED video walls, thin-mounting LCD video walls, and rear-projection video walls leave data and video sources unobstructed and bring a world of information into decision making. Powerful processing technology allows a single desktop to scale the wall or multiple sources to be displayed and configured. Tiled LCD video walls provide a thin and flexible alternative.

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