Professional Services

You want to migrate to a new collaboration solution but have no internal resources to research, analyze, design or implement what your business or agency really needs. New software, cloud-based infrastructure, cyber security and enterprise computing require a technical team up to speed on the latest and greatest and finding and retaining top talent is a challenge for most agencies.


And when projects come up unexpectedly and you have no one on your team capable of managing them – what do you do?


That’s when partnering with Bassec to augment your existing team and add additional skilled labor can save time and money. Our Professional Services and staffing solutions are based on years of in depth recruiting programs, national partnerships and the ability to find and secure top talent at the right compensation quickly.


We offer Professional Services engagements that range from single Project that include design and consulting, Premise based support personnel that can run and manage your collaboration assets, programmers and technician who work within your organization yet have the cost of a 1099 contractor.  

We provide staffing resources for:

Project and Program Managers
VOIP Architects and Designers
System Administrators
Network Engineers
Visual Communications Support Specialists

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